Our History

On the 8/8/1946, a meeting was held in Fairfield in connection with the formation of a Southern Districts Soccer Association (the word football was added at a later date).

The following were elected as office bearers for 1947 to begin the task of forming an Association: President Mr Brown from St John’s Pk, Honorary Secretary Mr B Gadney, Minute Secretary Mr F Butterfield from Fairfield, Honorary Treasurer Mr A Small from Canley Vale, and Publicity Officer Mr E Cullis. It was decided to go right ahead with the objective of forming an Association and an application was made to the controlling soccer body of NSW.

At a meeting held on the 26/9/1946, it was reported that the NSW Junior Soccer Association had invited two delegates to attend a special meeting to discuss boundaries for the new SDSA. Mr Gadney & Mr Butterfield were elected as the SDSA two delegates.

On the 25th November, the delegates were asked to furnish the names of Clubs that would be affiliated to the Association in 1947, so a call went out to all Clubs in the area that intended to play under the control of SDSA to send in their club names and club colours.

At a meeting held on the 6/3/1947, the SDSA boundaries were reported as: south of the pipeline from Regents Pk to Prospect Reservoir, west of Regents Pk to Yagoona Railway, south of Hume Highway and west of Prospect Creek and Georges River, taking in the shire of Nepean.

Records show that as of the 10/3/1947, teams affiliated to SDSA were; Fairfield United, Lansvale, St John’s Pk, Old Guildford, Fairfield RSL, Yennora, Fairfield Combined, Canley Vale, Canley Heights and Cable Works. The closing dates for affiliations was the 17/3/1947. Records show that Smithfield, Penrith and Chester Hill also affiliated before the closing date.

At the meeting held on the 31/3/1947, it was decided to commence the competition on Saturday 12th April 1947.