To All Club Executives,

With Fairfield Council closing their fields (except the Showground) there have been some movements of matches onto Liverpool fields where possible so we can get as many matches played as possible.

Dribl Is currently under maintenance so all of these changes will be made in Dribl when it is back up.

The changes are below:

Development League

Prospect View matches are moving to Bringelly Park and all of the times will remain the same besides the two below matches which have swapped to the below times:

9:45am U12-2 Fairfield Bulls v Sydney United Juniors

12:15pm U12-5 Fairfield Eagles v Westen Condors

Matches Moving to Phillips Park

9:00am U13 -2 AC United v South Wanderers  from Powhatan Street Reserve

10:15am U14 SWSSL White City v Camden Tigers from Chisholm Park

11:30am U14 SWSSL Fairfield Bulls v Mt Pritchard from St Johns Park

12:45pm U15 SWSSL Bonnyrigg v Camden Tigers from Bonnyrigg Sports Grounds

2:15pm U15 SWSSL Mt Pritchard v White City from Joe Broad Park

Matches Moving to Leppington Oval

9:00am U14 -3 Moorebank v Leppington from Ash Road

10:15am U15-3 Bossey v Leppington from Whitlam 4

11:40am U16 SWSSL Fairfield Bulls v Bradbury Ambarvale from St Johns Park

1:30pm U17 SWSSL AC United v Campbeltown Cobras from Powhatan Street Reserve

3:15pm U16 SWSSL White City v Hotspurs from Chisholm Park

Match Moving to Ash Road Field 2

1pm U13-1 Moorebank v White City from Chisholm Park

Match Moving to Whitlam Park 4

10:15am U13-2 Fairfield Bulls v Moorebank from St Johns Park