Hi Andy,

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, background, where you grew up etc?

I was born in Fairfield hospital, lived in Bossley Park till I was 3, we then moved to Luddenham and I currently live in the Hawkesbury with my wife and 6 year old son. Both my Parents were born in Australia to Italian migrants.

I started playing football when I was 5 years old.

  • What are your first recollections of playing football?

My first childhood memory is me kicking one of those plastic balls you get from the service station around my backyard at home, and always having a ball at my feet. My first football club was Fairfield Patrician Brothers, I was 5 playing in the under 7s.

  • When and why did you first get into coaching?

I started coaching in 2015, as an assistant in the youth space at Marconi and immediately had a love for it. I feel like it was just a natural progression for me to follow my fathers’ footsteps in coaching at an elite level, always being around football and seeing the way a coach can influence a player both on and off a football pitch is something I aspire to. My Grandfather and great grandfather were on the first board of Marconi and were instrumental to bringing football to the club when it started, so for me coaching at Marconi was inevitable.

  • What has been your greatest personal and coaching achievement in football?

Being relatively early into my coaching career, I don’t really have many achievements to speak of. I like to leave all the accolades to the players. My proudest achievement would have to be back-to-back grand finals and an undefeated season last year with my senior women’s Marconi WNPL team.

  • As the TD of Marconi SAP, tell us a little about what a coaching week in the life of  Andy Severin entails?

Ha! Where do I start? Every day for me is football, 3 nights a week I’m with my SAP program. I have stepped in to take the 10s mid-way through the year so as well as coaching this team I also spend my Mondays and Tuesdays overseeing the program, setting session plans, cycles and spending time individually with players and coaches. The other two nights I am with my 1st grade squad. Saturdays I do have off, I am either watching my son play his games or watching our young SAP players play up in Pat Marandos youth, Sundays for me are best as our SAP generally play and then I jet off for my 90 min football coaching fix with the senior women.

  • Did you, or do you have any coaching role models you look up to or base your coaching philosophy on?

Growing up in and around Marconi through my playing days I had the privilege of listening and learning from different coaches with different playing styles and philosophies. I used training sessions from Zoran Matic, Eddie Krncevic and Jean Paul De Marigny, gave me ideas about how the game should be played. Take that mixed with the knowledge passed to me from my father has given me a solid platform for me to base my own philosophy on.

In today’s football world I have a great appreciation for Carlo Ancelotti’s management style and Roberto Mancini’s meticulous planning.

  • What coaching ambitions do you aspire to achieve in the future?

For me, I’d just like to create the best environment for all future stallions, to run a football program that gives our youngsters every possible chance of realizing their dreams of playing football at a higher level. Id love to be able to sit back and watch our players today on the big stage knowing I had a small part to play in the player and person they are.

Personally, I’d like to test myself in the senior men’s space in a few years.

  • You’ve played football with and coached many great players over the years can you tell us some of their names and what set them apart from the others?

I’ve played against some great players in my time – Mark Milligan, Pedj Bojic, Brett Hollman, and Danny Vukovic. All of them were next level performers on the pitch, a level above the rest of us and I think it had a lot to do with some sort of self-belief, they all played with confidence. I spent a fair few training sessions with Alex Brosque when he was at Marconi in the colts. I think what stood out for me was his work ethic and coachability. It’s all about the extras.

  • Finally what message do you have for all the kids out there who want to chase their footballing dreams?

Love the game, it can take you places you can only dream of. Iit will be the reason you form friendships for a lifetime. Always play with a smile on your face and play without fear of making mistakes, this is how we learn.