Hi Luis,

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, background, where you grew up etc?

My name is Luis Contigiani, I was born in city of Rosario Argentina. My family migrated to this wonderful country in 1979, I was 3 years old.

  • What are your first recollections of playing football?

Family BBQ’s, with my cousins and family friends.

  • What level of professional football did you manage to achieve and when did you finish?

I played in the youth system here at Melita eagles and Sydney Olympic, all the way to the colts or U20’s I believe it was back then. I would eventually go back to Argentina to play in the second tier of Argentinian football. Oh I also played senior football at Bankstown city lions in the old NSW super league.

  • When and why did you first get into coaching?

I guess it started when my eldest son started playing, I went to watch a game of his, and felt that through my experience in the game there was a lot I could offer in the way of coaching.

  • What has been your greatest personal and coaching achievement in football?

I guess from a youth coaching perspective, the privilege I had of helping some good young players progressing to playing at a semi and full professional level. From a senior level, being able to compete and win with a very low budget against some well-established teams with much larger budgets.

  • You have coached NPL 1st grade teams in the past like Mounties & Blacktown Spartans. What are you doing at the moment in terms of football activity?

Mounties was definitely a learning kerb for me, I learnt then that you have to base your game model and playing style on the players you have and their strong points to be competitive. Blacktown Spartans was a very positive tenure for me, they had just been relegated the year before and I took over with a minute budget, we decided to put our faith in youth and gear a game model to be competitive, for most part we did extremely well. Unfortunately, very early on in the second season I had to urgently stop coaching due to illness.

  • Did you or do you have any coaching role models you look up to or base your coaching philosophy on?

I love Marcelo Bielsa, his philosophy and positive approach to the game. This is how I envisage football to be played, but of course this can only be done with intelligent players that are willing to work hard.

  • What coaching ambitions do you aspire to achieve in the future?

I don’t have any ambitions or inspiration to coach at a higher level, my only ambition is to be successful in winning and to enjoy my coaching environment

  • You’ve played football with and coached many great players over the years can you tell us some of their names and what set them apart from the others?

Too many to mention.

  • Finally what message do you have for all the kids out there who want to chase their footballing dreams? 

Develop a personal relationship with your soccer ball, enjoy yourself, be creative try new things, this country lacks creative players especially in the final third, most importantly of all, live a good life!