Hi Leah,

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself , background, where you grew up etc?

 Blue Mountains Australia, attended both Westfields Sports High School & Katoomba High school.

  • What are your first recollections of  playing football?

Only girl in boys team always, playing in U/14 boys NPL competition as first and only girl for Macarthur Rams with all the boys a fond memory.

Always training by myself with a ball at feet – down the local park, on our tennis court next door my mum counting my juggles, against a wall at the local school, shooting against trampoline turned on its side with targets painted on it by my dad on our front lawn .

  • What  level of  professional football did you manage to achieve and when did you finish?

Matilda, Young Matilda, Full time professional footballer Boston Breaker in Womens NSWL League USA & Eskilstuna United, Sweden.

  • When and why did you first get into coaching?

Did private coaching and summer camp in college, coached first NPL side Macarthur Rams on return to Aus. Got into coaching following career ending injury.

  • What has been your greatest personal and coaching achievement in football? 

Good work / life balance – enjoy my job and enjoy time I spend with family. Love seeing the amount of Westfields Sports High graduates currently playing in our W-League and or National Teams on the Tele is pretty rewarding.

  • As the head coach of the Westfields women’s program and Young Matilda’s, tell us a little about what a coaching week in the life of  Leah Blayney  entails?

Several sessions , lots of planning & good time management with a great staff & excellent support network in place, who support and challenge me on daily basis from Westfields Sports High.

  • Did you or do you have any coaching role models you look up to or base your coaching philosophy on?

Tony Diccico , Geno Auriema

  • .What coaching ambitions do you aspire to achieve in the future?

Matildas Coach

  • Finally what message do you have for all the kids out there who want to chase their footballing dreams? 

Develop resilience, maintain humility & work harder than everybody else.