Soccer mums take to the field

By Caitlin Pace

Soccer mums from across south-west Sydney have jumped off the sidelines and onto the field to compete in their own friendly game of Mum’s Soccer.

The event sees mums of all ages take part in a seven-a-side game of soccer every Wednesday as a way of keeping active and socialising with other mums from the community.

Co-founder of the competition and president of Hinchinbrook Sports Club, Colin Reddish, said that the idea sparked after noticing some mums exercising on the soccer field whilst their children were training for their own soccer games.

“We were looking for a way to get the mums more involved in the club,” he said. “We thought if they’re interested in it, let’s get them more understanding about football and the best way for them to do that is for them to play the game.”

The competition allows mums to take some time for themselves and enjoy the company of other mothers in the club by registering a team and playing a game of soccer.

“It was never about winning competitions and trophies, it’s all designed so that mums get a bit of time to themselves and get to enjoy and love the game as much as the kids do,” Mr Reddish said.

Since it’s initiation in September of this year, the competition has received an overwhelmingly positive response and Mr Reddish hopes that it will only continue to grow.

“I’m hoping that because of the response we’ve had for summer soccer that more clubs will get involved for winter,” Mr Reddish said.

Although registrations for Summer Soccer has closed, the Southern Districts Soccer Football Association (SDSFA) plans to run the competition again through the 2019 winter season.