SDSFA assisting Local Schools

During a meeting last week our incoming Technical Director Rod Galic and Football NSW Technical Director Alex Tobin had a meeting to discuss better ways of combining SDSFA and Football NSW programs in the football community. 
One way they decided was to donate excess football gear that Football NSW has, in conjunction with the football sports pack that SDSFA donates to schools in the Fairfield and Liverpool areas.
Rod Galic delivered the first load of gear today to Fairfield high school, who are in the first year of their Football 4 development program and Fairfield Public School who have a wide diversity of children from migrant backgrounds, who share a love for our beautiful game.
The gear was appreciated immensely by the schools and children. 
A big thank you to Alex Tobin who organised the gear and said he is more than happy to donate more in the near future. 
Any schools who might need any gear please contact SDSFA.