Coaching session plans to help with BringellyFC's growth

One of our accredited coaches Rod Galic and our Marketing and Promotions officer Gino Marra met at the Bringelly FC clubhouse last night and attended a meeting with the Bringelly FC coaches. Rod conducted a coaching information session which included the FFA coaching curriculum, SAP and game training phase session plans, advice on managing teams and preparing coaching sessions during the football season. A six week coaching cycle session plan was developed  by Rod and was given to each coach so they could use as a template for their respective teams.
Bringelly FC is in a massive growth area with exciting potential for expansion in the coming years. This year they already have 13 teams registered from U6 to All Age Mens.
The night was very informative and SDSFA plans to further help Bringelly FC during the year with practical training sessions so the coaches can develop their football education and pass on to their many players who have great potential
Well done Bringelly FC.