Cultures coming together.

Over the weekend Sydney Juniors played Bonnyrigg FC in the U12-1 Competition. Many people in our Association would expect a game with issues due to the issues of the past that have followed the Croatian and Serbian cultures that are at the hearts of the two clubs. SDSFA received the following email from the Coach of Bonnyrigg displaying that the current generation can get past old problems and let the Sport do what it does best; bringing people together.

Email from Bonnyrigg FC 12-1 coach:

I would like pass on some lovely and positive news to SDSFA that I would like for you to post on your website. It shows that two big rival clubs on many different issues that they have suffered in the past can be brought together on the football field as one to play against one another in a wonderful spirit and fairness over the three games we have played against one this season in the 12-1s competition.

All three games this year were very competitive and played at the highest standard with all boys getting along well during and after the game as well.  Parents from both sides were fantastic on all occasions and both team coaches and managers showed mutual respect to one another's teams which can't be said unfortunately for some of other teams in our competition.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Sydney Juniors 12-1s team management and their club president for the warm hospitality they showed our side the two times we visited their home ground and I want everyone to know that both Serbian and Croatian kids can get along with one another if their peers and elders can show a mature and responsible attitude to the children they coach.

The combined team group photo is a wonderful media opportunity for you to pass on to show other districts that something positive like this is possible if all have positive attitudes, like members of both our clubs.


Dejan Gajic

Bonnyrigg FC

U12-1s Coach