Sports Achievement Award medals handed out to local schools

SDSFA has had our School Liaison Officer; Rod Galic, handing out Sports Achievement Award medals to the local schools in our District to promote and award the kids in our area for hard work dedication and good sportsmanship any sport that is participated in by the schools.
The schools have been giving us positive feedback with many of the students feeling proud to receive the medals. so far Rod has been to the following schools:

1.Marsden Road Public
2.Bonnyrigg Heights Public
3.Bossley Park Public
4.Prairiewood Public
5.King Park
6.Smithfield West
7.Fairfield West
8.Fairfield Public
9.William Carey Christian School
10.Chipping Norton
11.Bonnyrigg High
12.Liverpool Boys High
13.Cecil Hills High
14.Westfields High
15.Bossley Park High
16.Moorebank High
17.Prairiewood High
18.Willian Stimson Public
19.Cartwright Public
20.Liverpool Public
21.Fairfield High
22.Thomas Hassell

​Below are some pictures of the students of William Carey Christian School that were presented with the medals.