2013 Football NSW State Dinner

Football NSW’s State Dinner was held at the Novotel Homebush over the weekend in what was a fantastic celebration of community football with two Awards being received by Southern Districts members.
State Award winners are nominated by their Association in recognition of their tireless efforts and service to football in their local community.
State Awards formally recognise individuals who have provided consistent and valuable service at any level - Club, Association, Branch or State.
These contributions may include services such as: committee member, coach, manager, match official, canteen manager or grounds person. 

Lorraine Peel from Liverpool Rangers received a State Award for all her hard work and dedication to her club over her 25+ years at the club.

The Football NSW Official Fair Play Award was awarded to the FC Bossy Liverpool Youth 16/2 team from the Southern Districts Football Association which was accepted by FC Bossy Youth President Andrew Duranovic and Committee Member  Zijad HadzicThe Football NSW Fair Play Award recognises those who have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and fair play during the season. The FC Bossy team’s display of fair play occurred on Sunday 21 July 2013 when the U16/2 team attended Amalfi Reserve for their scheduled match against Bossley Sports Club only to find that no official referee was available. In the interest of players it was agreed that an unofficial referee would officiate. As is sometimes the case mistakes occur and on this occasion the referee awarded a penalty against the Bossley Sports team for a handball in the penalty box. The Bossley team disputed the call as they saw that the ball had clearly hit the player’s chest and not his hand or arm. The referee stood by the decision and Bossley accepted it and continued with the game. At this point number 10 from FC Bossy took the ball and placed it on the penalty spot, when the referee indicated he could take the penalty the FC Bossy player deliberately kicked the ball out, indicating that the Bossy team supported the Bossley Sports Club team in their opinion that the decision was incorrect. At the time the score was 0-0 so it was a heartening decision that the FC Bossy team had chosen to not take opportunity to score from the penalty. The President of Bossley Sports Club wrote to the President of FC Bossy to inform him of the wonderful display of sportsmanship by the Number 10 player and all of the players and coaching staff of the team and especially given this is usually a highly competitive age group.


FC Bossy with their Fair Play Award.

Lorraine Peel with her State Award.